Energy-saving Crusher Promotes Urbanization Construction

In order to promote rapid and healthy development of economy in China, two sessions in 2013 emphasize to expand domestic demand, unswervingly put expanding domestic demand as a long-term strategic policy for economic development and give full play to the key roles of consumption and investment.

New type of urbanization provides with large domestic demand market in the future; launching urbanization means that we need to strengthen the work in future urban infrastructure construction, residents' consumption and service quality. GDP grew by 7.8% in 2012, among them, final consumption, capital formation and net exports respectively contributed 51.8%, 50.4% and 2.2%, which shows that expanding domestic demand becomes the basic motion of economic growth.
As a leader in domestic mining machinery industry, Hongxing machine thinks that in today's circumstances, tightly grasping opportunity has important significance for future development of crusher, milling machine, sand making machine and the whole industry. Hongxing machine adheres to customer and market, keeps up with the latest development of international and domestic science and technology, takes scientific research cooperation with key and major research institutes and colleges, actively introduces the latest technology of stone production line and crusher equipment and promotes development and transformation of new technology, so that it forms the business development model of "research, development, application and improvement".
With the continual innovation on technology, crusher is also gradually upgraded; jaw crusher , hammer crusher , vertical impact crusher and other crushing equipment researched and produced by Hongxing have gradually met low-carbon demand in our country. In the era of low-carbon economy, it is the bounden duty for each enterprise to research and develop energy conservation and environmental protection products in premise of environmental protection.

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Sawdust Dryer-Rotating Kiln Dryer-Drum Dryer

Dryer is one of the washing machine. It is used to remove moisture from the clothing and other textiles after washing dehydration. Most of the dryer includes a rotating drum, and the inner cylinder is driven by a belt, and hot air is used to evaporate moisture in the circumference of the drum. Drying tubes are based on the principle of reversing the drum.
The dryer can be divided into industrial and civil, the industrial dryer is also called drying equipment or dryer. It is the most common mining equipment and a wide range of drying equipment .
Dyer, batch dryer, direct thermal dryer, clothes drying dryer, powder dryer, and so on. Dryer mainly are used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments.
The working principle of sawdust dryer is like that:it uses the power, diesel power, wind, combustible to produce the power and take usage of the air, thus achieving the proper temperature for dehumidification processing.
The features are as follows:

1. The efficiency of the dryer is strong, because the material is highly dispersed in the gas stream;

2. Drying time is short;

3. The structure of the Air dryer is simple, and it takes a little area, and it is easy to the construct and maintain.

4. It has a large capacity and high thermal efficiency.

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